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Common DIY problems with stacked stone installation, with expert advice

Have you been daydreaming of adding a stunning stacked stone wall to your house’s interior? Depending on the size of the installation, it’s a terrific DIY project that you can finish in two to five days. But if you’re not feeling very sure and are concerned about potential problems, this article is for you.

Installing piled stone is now more straightforward than ever thanks to veneer panels. The stacked stone veneers from West Jordan Concrete have the appearance and quality of traditional brickwork and may be used to make elegant, natural-inspired home accents. They are made of natural stone and come in a variety of finishes. In this article, we’ll go through a number of issues that can arise when installing stacked stone veneer panels yourself and how to prevent them.


It is easy to perceive gaps between the panels when the stacked stone veneer is put incorrectly. There may be a number of causes for this, but employing panels with slightly uneven edges is the most frequent. Make sure your wall is completely straight and level and that the wall material can sustain the piled stone. Gaps may also result from installation on an uneven surface.

There is no guessing required in determining how West Jordan Concrete veneers fit together because they are pre-set onto large tile panels. Simply arrange the edges closely together as you would ordinary tiles.


Installing a stacked stone corner can be challenging, particularly if the panels need to be trimmed to size. Corners must be mitered at a 45-degree angle in order to produce a finished product that looks professional; otherwise, the outcome would look sloppy. Once more, West Jordan Concrete provides a solution to this issue: corner panels are available, pre-cut and pre-assembled, so you won’t have to stress about cutting that angle precisely, which speeds up the procedure.


A zipper effect can be created when pre-assembled ledger panels are misplaced so that panels of the same length line up at the corner. The desired effect is achieved through random stone placement, which demands more time and talent. West Jordan Concrete corner panels also solve this issue because they are not all identical, and it is simple to install varied patterns for a natural, professional look.


Nothing is more aggravating than having your meticulously matched veneer panels slip out of place as soon as you go on to the next one during a DIY stacked stone installation. Use a strong bond cement that cures rapidly to prevent veneer panels from slipping. ProLite High Bond Mortar is recommended by West Jordan Concrete.


The wrong starting point for your stacked stone installation project can be disastrous. Instead of attempting to fit the corner on afterward, start at the corner at the lowest point for professional results. Before starting the installation, we also advise laying out the complete row to make sure everything fits together properly. Your panels should line up properly if you repeat this process for each row.

Not enough mortar or thinset was used.

This includes your thin-set or mortar. Stacked stone construction is not the place to cut corners on supplies. Ensure you have sufficient supplies on hand to complete the job, and mix it in tiny amounts as you go. It must be applied to the panel as well as the wall.

Don’t allow this list of potential issues stop you from undertaking this do-it-yourself job at home. After all, you’ll be ready now that you’re aware of the problems that frequently arise. Everyone will be impressed by your skills and your lovely piled stone wall if you follow the directions included with the veneer panels and your mortar/thinset.

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