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Concrete Driveway

Looking for an affordable and amazing way to
create a new face for your driveway or
business compound in Utah?

Why invest in a Concrete driveway?

West Jordan Concrete Group is here to give your compound a new and appealing look. Our company provides all concrete services ranging from concrete driveways, outdoor patios, concrete blocks, and all kinds of repairs. We provide quality service, and our major goal is customer satisfaction. You can count on our diverse services and a team always ready to listen to your instructions. We value the customers’ opinions and engage in greater ideas from our professional workers. We have experienced contractors in getting the best driveway designs that are long-lasting.

A compound is not complete without an enhanced driveway. They are known to raise the value of the premises, such as in a real estate. This ensures comfort as you and your visitors drive in or out of your compound. Everyone wants the best designs for their home or commercial exterior. The driveways are created in line with the customer’s budget. However, it is highly encouraged to choose quality over installation costs to reduce the maintenance costs.

Concrete driveways are more durable and easy to maintain. Cleaning is made easy, and decorations can be incorporated. Different colors and textures are used depending on the customers’ preferences. All equipment required is available at our company. Some driveways could be already established, but the owner wishes to upgrade. This could include creating better designs or creating more space for your parking.

Benefits of concrete driveways

Various Designs to Choose

Apart from a longer service life, concrete driveways have many other advantages. Due to the various creative designs, such as colored concrete, the aspect of beauty is brought into your compound. For instance, stamped concrete driveways have been embraced by most people. They have decorative patterns and form the best choices in conjunction with the color patterns.


These driveways have a more load-bearing capacity. Most compounds are destroyed by trucks that carry heavy loads, especially during the rainy seasons. However, a concrete driveway will solve this problem since it can accommodate different weather. Concrete is rigid, and thus it can handle heavy weights.

Low-cost Maintenance

Maintenance of a concrete driveway is much easier. Concrete sealers can be added as protection for your driveway surface. This sealer prevents the absorption of water, which might damage the concrete surface. As part of the compound, the driveway is easily cleaned using pressurized hose pipe water.

Easy to restore Appearance

Concrete can easily be repaired depending on the extent of the damage. Resurfacing can be done to your driveway instead of ripping it off if the extent of damage is not extreme. It is simpler to resurface your concrete driveway and restore its appearance. This is done by applying a thin layer of prepared mortar that can cover small cracks. Experienced contractors can provide a high-quality resurfacing service that can extend your concrete driveway's life for extra years. During the replacement of the driveway, the concrete that is removed can be used. It is crushed and used granular fill or at the new construction base.

Benefits of concrete driveways

Stamped concrete driveways

This type offers diversity in designs. It is durable and can be customized according to the customer’s preference. It requires less labor as compared to some other complex designs.

Interlocking pavers driveways

These pavers are made of concrete and are made of different shapes. This is a creative design that can be used for your driveway. The pavers can withstand more pressure as compared to regular concrete. Customers who own trucks and other heavy machinery could prefer this type of driveway. It is also not prone to cracks and damage and thus more durable.

Exposed aggregate concrete driveways

This decorative concrete design involves spreading an aggregate material on top of the concrete slab. It is highly versatile and can also be used on other compound parts such as pavements. It has high wear resistance, and many aggregates can be used.

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