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What is Decorative Concrete?

It is a form of concrete imbued with several styles and looks. So instead of the ordinary plain concrete, you get an appealing material that you can use for various projects around your property. Decorative concrete comes in various styles, finishes, and colors. Therefore, you can choose one based on what you prefer to add to your property’s curb appeal.


Whether you are improving your property or building it from scratch, an important decision you have to make is what material to use. Many property owners have always favored wood, stone, brick, fiber cement, and vinyl. However, a material that’s slowly becoming many people’s favorite is decorative concrete. It is affordable and attractive, and if installed properly, it can last for many years.

Various Designs to Choose

Decorative concrete offers a wide range of designs. Therefore, it allows you to customize your patterns, color, or style. You can choose from stained or stamped patterns or even opt for stones individually hand-carved.

Concrete from West Jordan Concrete Group can replicate natural stones, tile bricks, or even wood to get the design you like.

Doesn’t Scratch

Even the most durable vinyl floors can be scratched by simple wear and tear. Carpets are less likely to scratch, but foot traffic can also wear them down with time. However, decorative concrete is a great quality material that’s hard to scratch even with everyday use.

Concrete flooring saves time and money on repairs, replacements, and maintenance in the long run. Many people use concrete in subfloors as it doesn’t need frequent repairs and replacements.


Individuals are now moving towards home improvements. Decorative concrete is one of the best options available. If you already have concrete installed on your subfloors, your contractor can upgrade your flooring without removing the present materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Plus, you will not need to purchase new materials for this project. Therefore, you don’t need fresh hardwood or carpet.

You can treat your existing subfloor to get your desired look, then decorate it with an attractive overlay. After, stain it with a bright color, add decorative patterns, then seal your concrete.

Durable and Low Maintenance

A decorative concrete block is very durable. You can have this material indoors or outdoors. Thus, you can use it in the kitchen, basement, or pool deck. You can even have your contractor install an industrial-strength concrete floor that can withstand fluctuating temperature and inclement weather. This material comes with long-lasting finishes that are moisture, peeling, and stain-resistant.

Plus, concrete floors don’t trap mold, allergens, or dust mites. Therefore, your home will be safe for you and your family. Additionally, decorative concrete doesn’t need much maintenance. You only need to dust regularly and clean with a wet mop once in a while.

Concrete Fireplace
Care and Maintenance

Most homes have outdated fireplace styles that often don’t match the interior. Thankfully, concrete surfaces match any style. Therefore, you use it in pillars, columns, and other ornamental places in your house.

Concrete Flooring
Concrete Flooring Types

You can use concrete flooring inside and outside your home. Your contractor can install it in bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms, or even dining areas. What’s essential is for concrete to have the right texture to complement the room.

Contractors add color to concrete by adding a powdery substance to the mixing material before pouring concrete or by staining the concrete’s surface.

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There is a lot to love about decorative concrete. So if you are thinking of upgrading your home, decorative concrete resurfacing may be the best choice. If you’re looking for decorative concrete contractors near me, look no further than West Jordan Concrete Group is here for you. We can transform your patios, driveways, pool decks, interior floors, and commercial properties with decorative concrete. For more information about our services, please check our website https://westjordanconcrete.com/.

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