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Five quick suggestions for replacing a driveway in 2022

Choosing to replace your driveway is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as a homeowner. When making this choice, a number of considerations must be taken into account, including the project’s cost and duration. We’ll go over 5 brief tips in this blog post to assist you in choosing the finest option for your house.

Signs That Your Driveway Needs to be Resurfaced

One of the first things visitors notice about your house is its driveway. It’s also one of the areas of your property that gets the most traffic, so it can wear out over time. A few important signs that it could be time for an improvement can help you decide whether to resurface your driveway.

Cracks and potholes are two of the most obvious indications that your driveway needs to be resurfaced. While little cracks in your pavement are common and can generally be sealed with sealant, larger fissures or craters should raise red flags. These more serious issues may create trip hazards, result in vehicle damage, or permit water to soak through and freeze, leading to further damage.

If the surface of your driveway is beginning to deteriorate or fade, that may also be a clue that it needs to be resurfaced. Weathering, sunshine, or chemicals like oil and gasoline can all contribute to this. It might be time for a new layer of pavement if you notice that it seems dull or worn.

Signs That Your Driveway Needs to be Replaced

Since replacing your driveway would cost more than making repairs or resurfacing it, it is a substantial financial investment. A concrete driveway replacement costs more than an asphalt driveway replacement, too. The following are some signs that it’s time to replace your driveway:

  • Small cracks are typical and typically repairable. However, if the fissures are deep or larger than a quarter-inch, a new driveway is necessary.
  • Cracks and potholes are also signs that your driveway needs to be fixed. Potholes are a similar sign. Potholes will only develop worse and do more harm to your car if they are not corrected.
  • The Surface Is Uneven Your driveway’s surface has to be redone if it is uneven. Your vehicle may bottom out or get scraped on an uneven surface.
  • Drainage Issue If your driveway doesn’t have adequate drainage, water will collect on the surface and produce potholes and cracks. Your home’s foundation issues may also be brought on by improper drainage.
  • It’s time for a new driveway if you realize that your current one is getting smaller. This is typically brought on by subpar installation or poor-quality concrete.
  • Your Driveway is Older Than 20 Years If your driveway is older than 20 years, it should be replaced even if there are no cracks or potholes. Driveways will begin to deteriorate and become more brittle as they get older.

Guidelines For A Cheap Driveway Replacement

When you realize that your driveway needs to be replaced, you should begin making arrangements in advance. You can manage the project’s costs by implementing the following recommendations:

1. Set up a budget.

Creating an estimate of how much you can and are willing to spend is the first step. Included in this budget should be the price of the materials as well as any fees or permissions required. Additionally, you should budget for any unforeseen costs that can arise during the project.

2. Choose the right resource

You can choose from a range of materials when replacing your driveway. Concrete is a more expensive material than other types. However, you should also take each material’s long-term expenses into account. Asphalt, for instance, can be less expensive initially, but it will require more upkeep over time.

When selecting a material, keep the following things in mind as well:

  • How long do you intend to live there now?
  • Your region’s weather
  • Your desired physical look
3. Pick A Useful Design

After deciding on a material, you must choose a design. Your driveway’s layout will have an effect on the project’s ultimate cost. It will probably cost more to get a complicated or custom design than a simple one.

You should also think about how the layout will affect how your driveway works. Make sure your driveway can accept a snowplow, for instance, if you live in a region with frequent snowfall.

When selecting a design, keep the following things in mind as well:

  • how big and how shaped your land is
  • Existing characteristics that should be considered (e.g., trees, bushes)
  • What you personally prefer
4. Opt for a simple to maintain option.

After choosing a material and a design for your driveway, you need also think about how much upkeep it will need. Concrete, for example, needs less upkeep than other types of materials.

Consider how simple it will be to maintain the driveway as well. If your home is busy, you should pick a material that is both easy to clean and stain-resistant.

5. Employ a trustworthy contractor

When you’ve thought about every aspect mentioned above, you should start looking for a reliable contractor to complete the work. Make sure you obtain several quotations and evaluate them according to cost and level of expertise.

Each contractor should provide references, and you should check in with those references to determine if they are happy with the work that was done.

Even though replacing your driveway may seem like a difficult chore, with the appropriate advice, it can be simple. You’ll be well on your way to a new surface that looks wonderful for years if you heed our advise on things to consider when considering whether to resurface or replace your driveway. Contact West Jordan Concrete right away.

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