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West Jordan Concrete Patio Care

The West Jordan concrete firm completes the work, all fees are paid, and you are free to enjoy your beautiful concrete patio. This is really a thrilling experience! If you’re proud of the new concrete addition to your home, give West Jordan Concrete a shout. You probably know that your recent acquisition of a stamped concrete masterpiece was also a financial investment. You must maintain its exquisite condition if it is to last for many years. The good news is that with regular care and upkeep, a patio made of concrete can survive for decades. What exactly does that entail? Below is an explanation from West Jordan Concrete, a local residential concrete provider.

What Causes The Need For Concrete Maintenance?

Like the vast majority of our other investments, concrete items will not function or look their best if we don’t take the time to properly maintain them. A concrete patio may be subjected to heavy foot traffic and the elements all year long. Concrete is resilient and forgiving, so if it looks like your patio will be under constant attack, don’t panic. You can avoid such problems by giving careful attention to maintenance.

Useful Guidance

In order to safeguard the concrete patios from the elements, West Jordan Concrete always applies a protective coating during the first construction phase. However, this sealant does not endure forever, and stained or cracked concrete is the result of poorly done sealing work. If you want specific advice on how often you should reseal your concrete, consult with a professional who has worked with the material. To cut costs, you can complete this task on your own. Traditional concrete and stamped concrete have varied maintenance needs, therefore we cover them in our local concrete contractor blog. Both the type and brand of sealer you use will have an impact on the final result; if you’re ever unclear of the best way to go, it’s a good idea to consult with an established concrete business like West Jordan Concrete.

Water Should Not Be Allowed To Pool On The Patio.

Water that is allowed to sit in one place might cause more issues than you might realize. The longer you let it go on, the more your concrete patio will weaken from the inside out. But since you can’t change the weather, it’s best to remove as much snow as possible.

Stop Scraping Wherever Possible

That’s why you chose it: because concrete is strong. The protective layer can be scratched just like any other material. Only shovels with plastic blades should be used to clear snow off your stamped concrete patio. Protect your patio set from the elements by using protective caps or slides.

A Winterization Is Essential

Few seasons in Minnesota are more challenging than winter. Also, your concrete will benefit from that. One problem is that harmful de-icers can easily be tracked from the pavement onto the patio. Concrete that hasn’t been properly maintained often suffers damage from the unpredictable freeze-thaw cycles that occur frequently. As the reputable home improvement expert Bob Vila puts it, “Unless has been sealed, concrete is porous—meaning, of course, that it is not impervious to moisture. In warm weather, excess rainwater or dew caught in concrete can readily evaporate. But when temps dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit that moisture freezes and expands. The movement caused by temperature fluctuations can result in cracks in concrete.” The good news is that we have dedicated a whole blog post to the topic so that you can always be one step ahead of the competition.

Use Caution When Operating A Power Washer.

Power washers can be an effective tool in your concrete maintenance arsenal if you utilize them correctly. However, when they are abused, they may wreak havoc on t, and t is by no means a panacea for all tangible issues. Our home concrete contractor blog has all the information you need to know about this instrument before using it on your concrete patio for spring cleaning.

You Want The Best In Concrete? So Glad You Found Us!

When you work with West Jordan Concrete, you’ll be working with a talented staff that is excited to share their love of concrete with you. Please contact us at (801) 716-1775.

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