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With the proper daily maintenance, building owners can expect to keep their floors looking good at a comparatively lower cost.

Regular maintenance

  • Walk-off mats with regular cleaning and/or changing located at the entry points of the facility.
  • Promptly cleaning spills to prevent staining and etching.
  • Dry mopping or auto scrubbing the floor daily.
  • General cleaning of the surface or spot treatment of more trafficked areas with plain water and when necessary cleaning agents that are non-reactive.

The above standards for daily/periodical maintenance are a good start, but polished concrete requires more than just keeping it clean. Polished concrete demands application-specific tools and good chemistry to maintain the durability and quality of shine to keep the finish looking the same as it did at initial installation.

Mechanical maintenance
Diamond impregnated pads are the application-specific tools that will mechanically maintain the floor’s polish. Usually these pads are made of synthetic or natural hair fibers and are sprayed with diamond powders, secondary abrasives and epoxy binders. These pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all models of floor buffers, burnishers and auto scrubbers. 

Contractor advantage
Good housekeeping is crucial in maintaining a polished concrete surface, but as given above it is only part of the equation. For a floor that easily meets or surpasses its warranty period, building owners and maintenance contractors need to embrace advances in maintenance products to support the unique polished concrete surface.

Beyond simply meeting the standards of the warranty, contractors that perform polished concrete have the option of providing the tools and chemicals for maintenance to the building owners they work for. This is an ongoing concession for the vendor of the polished concrete and also a good insurance policy that the polished concrete will look great for years to come.

Contractors should do their own research to determine what maintenance pads and chemicals best fit their clients’ needs. 

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